Buy industry financing into the freezing period of the project has been unable to assess the great

from the "feast" into "investment poison", "group purchase" within one year of experience Rainbow Night. At present, the vast majority of the project has not been able to buy valuation." A well-known domestic investment agency official said, in the investment market has officially entered the freezing period.

, according to its disclosure, because users, income and other significant decline, most of the valuation of the site has been bought at least half. Even if some projects operate well, but also because there is no follow-up investors into the market value of the city.


seems to have had no good news for months. Groupon storm, handles IPO stranding, Gaopeng layoffs, 24 coupons place absconded and so on the whole industry is facing the hitherto unknown crisis. China buy site in the last year has been a rapid expansion of more than 5000, but by the end of last year and attenuated to 3897. In a few months time, thousands of group purchase website. Data show that as of the end of 2011, the country has 1968 buy site closed, exit buy market, accounting for the total number of operations to buy a total of 33.5% of the site.

lack of money, become the main reason for the collapse of most of the group buying site. Investors for the "bargain" opportunity is interest.

see before buying is VC queue, is now queuing to see VC buy, but we have not willing to comment. Because the risk is too large, the expected difference is too large, the possibility of talking is very low." An investment manager investment fund Temasek said.

according to the above investment agency official said, the valuation of the project has been greatly reduced. Prior to the heat of investment in accordance with the best peer valuation criteria to assess, the industry is not the time to become the worst analogy to the valuation of the industry. Such a lot of difference to buy items can not accept.

on the other hand, group purchase industry has long been accustomed to "burn", a survey in the newspaper before doing, underwriting, subsidizing, send advertising, shopping has become a group purchase means, according to incomplete statistics, over the past year, group purchase website with the crazy way to burn nearly $400 million.

concern is that most of the money comes from a wide range of venture capital.


hit group data show that before the venture capital investment swarmed into group purchase in the amount of more than $500 million in dollar fund, are also part of the RMB funds.

industry insiders worry that if the industry comes with some cleaning, group purchase business failures or flooding, a lot of money before the venture capital investment also will dashuipiao."

Qing group CEO Ni Zhengdong had publicly stated that he believes VC in the field of collective buying mistakes. "Project investment of hundreds of millions, 24 hours of talk about projects, bundled collective investment and so on, this is an amazing feat in the venture capital investment group purchase." Above investment manager

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