Sources said Tencent tens of millions of dollars to buy Kang Sheng started fighting for the owners

Ma Huateng finally decided to move.

Tencent acquisition Comsenz, has negotiated, not rumors of the shares, investment strategy, but by way of cash plus equity reached acquisition price than rumors in the $10 million high, about tens of millions of dollars, not to disclose the specific amount." June 14th, the Internet industry insiders told die Zeit reporter said.

Comsenz (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. (Comsenz Inc. Is a community platform and service providers, the industry’s most familiar products is Discuz. A large number of website use Comsenz Discuz, including Sina forum.

in fact, Comsenz competitor at the end of 2008, the Alibaba acquired Hangzhou Detian Mdt InfoTech Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "phpwind") stakeholders also confirmed that the "Tencent acquisition Comsenz" in inadvertently.

"I think this is a good thing, we push each other, this is a process of mutual encouragement." In June 12th, jointly organized by Ali cloud computing and Alibaba in the group’s webmaster seminar, vice president of phpwind, Xiao Ruizhe was asked to "Tencent in the acquisition of your opponent, how do you see", he quickly made the above response.

Phpwind is a general program for the establishment of the forum, industry insiders understand that the competitor is Comsenz phpwind.

whether it is phpwind, or Discuz, are grassroots webmaster tools used to build the site. Now, phpwind company and a Alibaba Comsenz, has been incorporated into the flag, is a Tencent Inc chairman of the board and chief executive officer Ma Huateng in the bag.

this is a battle for the webmaster, and the battlefield is also the presence of Baidu – Baidu alliance. Behind the battle for the webmaster, in fact, is an Internet gangster among the three kingdoms".

draw 99% small and medium-sized webmaster


Comsenz Tencent to invest more than half a month ago to have it. In May 26th, there are rumors that the Tencent has strategic investment and Tencent of Comsenz, said that funding should be Comsenz for around $10 million, mainly for the acquisition of holdings of Google and Kang Sheng shares, may be a new investment plan.

however, Tencent shares information disclosure soon, namely Comsenz stridently denied. But in May 29th, held in Beijing in 2010, the fifth annual meeting of China’s Internet owners, the industry can still see a clue.

this year will be used by the webmaster and micro-blog released in the form of cooperation. It is interesting to note that, in addition to cooperation with micro-blog (, the annual meeting is still with the < < >

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