Fish can not be separated from each other can not be separated from water technology

recently, nine rich Chinese and American financial technology entrepreneurship contest ended in Beijing, from the Silicon Valley Snapcard won the contest triggered a large number of industry professionals for the new view of the combination of Finance and technology. Now, more and more interactive financial and technology direct and obvious, especially with the increasingly fierce competition in the financial markets, coupled with the implementation of national financial market regulatory policy, many enterprises have to consider their own mutual gold market situation and future development of the road, which also makes the financial technology started on the financial market stage. In the first half of this year, the number of P2P net loan companies announced the transition to financial technology companies, financial technology will also pushed in the teeth of the storm.

technology is quietly changing financial formats

2016, a lot of people expressed concern about the future development of the mutual fund market, there are certain questions about mutual security issues. But judging from the current situation, whether the third party payment platform, or the P2P platform or network all the chips and other mutual gold platform, to a certain extent, it changed people’s consumption of payment, increase the financial channels, and provides a more efficient and convenient products and services for the people life.

consumer finance: in the past the traditional bank, bank credit card will be relatively a long time for review, the threshold is relatively high, it will take some consumer groups to stop at the door. However, Internet banking has pulled the credit overdraft consumption, on the one hand, to the low stage of Internet financial interest rate than the bank provided, which makes consumers more willing to spend on mutual gold platform; on the other hand, the Internet consumer finance provide a platform for online direct application, fast and convenient.

is now more and more young people are more willing to overdraft consumption, so in consumer finance, low interest rates, low threshold for the process more simple and fast and other reasons, the mutual gold consumer market is more popular, but also led to the domestic consumer market vitality.

payments: general bank card, whether accounts, interbank transfer accounts or consumer alert and so on, is to pay a fee, but the third party payment platform in many business offers a free service, which also makes a lot of consumers are more willing to use the third party payment platform for rapid transfer and convenient consumption. To go out to take mobile phone, bank card consumption, into a mobile phone in hand, you can bind bank cards in the payment platform, realizing multi card consumption. It can be said that the third party payment platform to some extent, change the way people pay for consumption and habits.

investment and financial sector: compared to traditional financial institutions financial products, the Internet financial products have a higher income, but also has a lower threshold, but also more convenient. Especially low threshold of access to a lot of low-income users especially working-class users provides a wealth of value-added opportunities, some platforms even launched a fixed amount each month will automatically set wages into financial services in.

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