Nora checked the server Tibet tens of thousands of pornographic video company with annual sales of 1

Wang Xin in the detention center. CCTV screenshot

reporter yesterday learned from the Ministry of public security, one of the key cases of this network anti vice action Shenzhen Nora Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "company") alleged dissemination of pornographic materials case, recently by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Haidian branch shall be transferred to the procuratorial organs of investigation and prosecution.

comprehensive JINGWAH Times reporter Yuan Guoli Xinhua news agency,

5 main suspects arrested

it is understood that Nora legal representative and general manager of the company, Nora founder Wang Xin and other 5 major suspects were arrested.

The transfer of

in April this year, the public security organs and the relevant departments received a report clues, the Ministry attaches great importance to supervise the handling, the deployment of Beijing, Guangdong and other places of public security organs unified action, seized a number of servers, computer and other tools involved, has arrested Wu, a cow, more than 10 people involved. After the incident, Wang Xin fled to abroad. The Ministry of public security coordination Interpol issued a red bulletin, in early August, Wang Xin was arrested and escorted to return home in korea.

said the Ministry of public security, recently found Nora company was founded in December 2007; since 2012, the suspect Wang Xin Wu, a cow, Zhang, Liu et al. The company developed by Nora software, build server, storage fragmentation, remote maintenance management, video sharing and binding reading etc. many in the country a large number of dissemination of pornographic video, and piracy works on the Internet, and through membership fees and advertising fees for profit, business amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars, a huge amount of illegal profits.

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] Super site destruction in mind

checked the server Tibet tens of thousands of pornographic video

Nora company to achieve fast play magic is P2P technology. This technology allows users to watch the video while downloading online, at the same time, the video is also used as a seed for more users to share.

Wang Xin claimed that Nora player is not designed for pornographic video, the purpose is to allow users to get a better use experience. But Nora constantly improved technology to cater to, but it is about playing pornographic video user experience".

The public security bureau public security corps deputy chief Fan Hongyu

in Beijing city is responsible for investigating Nora dissemination of pornographic materials case told reporters, Nora company to build more than 2000 servers in the country, in the server network copy the downloaded video and posted to their QVOD network through the QVOD index server can easily find want to see the video file. Our company has also developed a popular video automatic storage technology, where more than 10 times click video, it automatically uploaded to the company’s storage server for more people to watch, and this hot video is often pornographic videos. From being seized more than ten units Nora server, the police have found tens of thousands of pornographic video files. < >

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