Zhang Xiaolong let the function exists in invisible WeChat Pirates of the dream of the Ten Commandme


review: Zhang Xiaolong and he led the WeChat team, created a myth, Bloomberg BusinessWeek on the WeChat team to do an interview, as follows:

WeChat Pirates of the dream: stay alert to a ten


Zhang Xiaolong said that a good programmer would regard himself as an architect, and a mediocre programmer would regard himself as a construction worker. In the Loft architecture of T.I.T in the dark, quiet, middle-aged man and his colleagues in the construction of a large space can not see, he wants to be a "Weniger ABER Besser" (German: the more simple, but better) ecosystem.

an era has a product of the times, the office of technology companies also reflect this style. WeChat T.I.T rental area of more than 10 thousand square meters, a total of six buildings, all three floors, open and comfortable, verdant green, far north of Canton Tower, south of Pipa Chau, Naozhongqujing, originally in the South office building communication night "miners", inspired in the new space; the park is the most fashion studio, WeChat’s neighbors have seven days hotel headquarters, beta coffee, full range of science and technology, previously here infested entrepreneurs, investors, now with WeChat headquarters, human test field, the product manager is curious about the "Yanan Lighthouse", the more reason to get together.


two: Pirates of the dream of the Ten Commandments maintain extensive, keep the clumsy

this is the most exciting we do, we look forward to a very high project." Tencent of the Ministry of planning and design expert Neo said Tencent each year, two hundred thousand square meters of office building decoration area in the country, for the conventional office design have been fatigued. And a leading wave of high-tech companies, suddenly placed in the industrial age of the old plant (formerly Guangzhou Textile Machinery Factory), the contrast brings another aesthetic.

Neo appreciate the construction master Le · Corbusier, pay attention to the design principle of "original ecology": the red brick wall and reinforced structure of the original plant are well preserved, interior decoration and the use of two thousand or three thousand square meters of wood are not processed logs. With a long time some of the table cracking, the meeting was a graffiti on the table, are laissez faire, we want to be the historical traces." The original WeChat UI background is blue, but later changed into a green, "the details of control" Zhang Xiaolong regret green in the Android mobile phone have partial color, but the change has been very difficult to reverse the user’s habits. He said the "skin" is not confident, so the "mistake".

WeChat Pirates of the dream: the key mission is three ten communication

how to do the extension of the gimmick of financial management, payment and open platform, WeChat meet the biggest and most basic needs is still communication. Zhang Xiaolong described WeChat as a "message system", "communication is the foundation of all relationships and the core of all relationships."


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