MySpace announced the acquisition of music social networking site iLike

Beijing on August 20th news, according to foreign media reports, News Corp.’s MySpace CEO Erwin · Natta (Owen Van Natta) on Wednesday confirmed that the company has with the music social networking site iLike has reached a purchase agreement".

Natta, CO chief executive of iLike, will continue to serve the company headquarters is still located in Seattle, within a short time the web service "will not be affected by the deal".

Natta said in a conference call, the deal was done by MySpace, but not by MySpace’s Music Department MySpace Music joint venture, the reason is that MySpace plans to expand to the technology of games and movies and other entertainment. He stressed that iLike has established a "discovery" of the technical system, and hinted that MySpace plans to integrate it into other assets of the company to go.

Natta said that iLike’s application is part of a number of different social networking experience, we are able to continue to expand this experience to other entertainment areas excited".

Natta did not disclose the specific terms of the transaction, but earlier this week, media reports said, MySpace is close to $20 million acquisition agreement with iLike. Some reports have suggested that the iLike board of directors on the transaction in dispute, as well as reports that it faces tax issues, resulting in the transaction time was delayed, but Natta denied these claims.

it is unclear how this transaction will affect the relationship between iLike and Facebook, the latter developer platform has been the center of most of the activities of iLike. Analysts said that after the acquisition of iLike by MySpace, Facebook may limit or block this platform.

Natta also said that the current performance of MySpace Music is very good, we absolutely believe that MySpace Music will become an important part of MySpace in the next few years". A few months ago, the industry had rumors that MySpace Music performance failed to meet expectations.

iLike was founded in 2006, currently has about 55 million users.



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