Hangzhou to carry out remediation of nternet and mobile phone pornography special action

days ago, the Hangzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office (Municipal Government Information Office), pornography office, municipal information office, municipal SASAC offices, Municipal Public Security Bureau, city media Bureau, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau functions for members of the special operations team, made a special trip to visit the Hangzhou branch of China Mobile and Hangzhou popcorn net. Listen to the relevant responsible person for the work report of the recent internet campaign and mobile phone media pornographic and vulgar information.

since December last year, the Hangzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office (Municipal Government Information Office) led in the city news sites, major comprehensive portal websites, search engine websites, mobile phone Short Message and other areas to carry out remediation clean and vulgar content, strengthen the supervision of daily inspections, Internet pornography and vulgar wind spread momentum has been effectively curb. At the end of March, a total of more than 5000 notice delete vulgar harmful information, the Municipal Public Security Bureau cracked four cases of continuous network dissemination of pornographic material case.

of the centralized supervision action will continue until the end of May, and the importance of the establishment of long-term mechanism. Hangzhou body of all citizens can participate in the supervision of various types of pornographic and vulgar information to report. At present, the Municipal Public Security Bureau set up obscene information reporting center – "safe" Hangzhou police network platform, Industrial and Commercial Bureau using 12315 working platform to accept illegal false advertising report, the cultural market administrative law enforcement corps report by telephone 12318 to accept illegal publications, piracy report, mobilize the masses through various channels to report illegal behavior, the formation of the public supervision mechanism to create a positive, harmonious and healthy and civilized network environment.

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