Biography Ali to sell 7% U S dollars worth of comments about 1 billion valuation

[Abstract] Ali retired from the U.S. mission review, it hopes to focus on the development of their own platform reputation network.


Tencent Francisco November 23rd message, according to foreign reports, sources said Sunday, the Alibaba group is considering selling its beauty group comments shares, because the company is building its own platform.

U.S. mission network and the public comment network announced last month merger, Alibaba group holds a merger of the new group of about 7% u.s.. According to sources, Alibaba group is currently selling shares held by the u.s.. Valuation of the current round of financing in accordance with the U.S. round of valuation, the valuation of the shares held by Alibaba group is about $1 billion.


sources said, ready to take over the Alibaba group held by the United States delegation comment on equity investors hope to get discount on this part of the shares, because the group comments in the new round of financing provided to investors (Equity Ratchet), ratchet terms this means that if the IPO issue price does not meet the specific numerical, investors can gain additional stock compensation. Ratchet is an anti dilution tool for investors, but also the most commonly used anti dilution protection form. Dilution refers to the decline in net book value per share after financing, which means the restructuring of capital structure. This part of the shares held by Alibaba group does not enjoy the protection of ratchet terms.

comments by the United States is raising a new round of funding from the hands of investors to support the company’s business expansion. Sources said earlier that the U.S. group review plan to raise up to $3 billion of funds, including capital injection company’s valuation will reach about $20 billion. However, according to the terms of the United States mission to set the terms of the investment as well as the interests of investors, the final valuation and the actual fund-raising may change.

sources said, in the Alibaba group exit beauty group comments at the same time, the company hopes to focus on developing their own reputation network platform, because Alibaba group can completely control the reputation of network. Word of mouth network is a joint venture between Alibaba group and ant gold service created in June this year, the two companies a total of nearly $1 billion for the word of mouth network.

Chinese Internet giant is fierce competition for the user with a taxi, food express, restaurant reservations and movie booking and other store services connected smartphone market. Many start-ups have burned up cash in the process of attracting users because of discounts and subsidies. However, such as Tencent and Alibaba group network giant, not only holds a huge amount of cash, but also has maps, data and payment platform, so that they can maintain a leading edge in the competition.


Group executives have said the company dominance in the field of electronic commerce, the local service can be transformed into a niche market line, success, they said, apart from Taobao

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