Electricity supplier is a generation of industrial revolution missed no exciting

CEO (CE Xu earth Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco February 17th news network CEO Xu said in his speech the earth policy policy of the 2012 network electricity supplier annual meeting today, every era has its own wonderful, but the electronic commerce is our generation only to be able to catch up with the time with vigour and vitality of the industrial revolution, missed no wonderful.


network strategy business school network policy 2012 years business will be held in Shanghai Garden Road Hotel today. In the electricity supplier industry as a whole, the current situation of the capital environment tends to be dangerous, the theme of the annual meeting was identified as potential, to the road".


, Tencent of science and technology and network policy schools jointly build strong profit electricity supplier combat battalion "micro-blog network strategy program, business school screened 100 profitable electricity supplier collective landing micro-blog Tencent, direct current electricity supplier losses, telling their sea combat cheats, provide the example of the power for the sound development of the industry.

conference site, Tencent science and technology as an exclusive support portal live the whole conference, while Tencent micro-blog exclusive site on the wall, communication inside and outside the site.

is the following network policy Xu Xu CEO geodetic record:

Xu: you give the earth classmates: Good morning everyone.

did not think what I say, relatively speaking, to write a speech, write a host or outline, write a courseware is what I’m good at, but in their own organization of such a conference, to tell you what I think, from yesterday to today is not like a good.

first of all thanks to my old friend, Chen secretary general, Cai, and so on, it is true that the company has come to get a lot of support from old friends, but also the support of old friends played a huge role.

actually said no thought of what to say, just below also think that does not need to prepare too much, because many of us are familiar with the students, there may be many students used to call us is "teacher", but I think a lot of time, I want to tell you is we who all we can say is not a teacher, mentor, may we present the industry, take a year, half a year in advance, or because we work in an industry like this, so we study some of the contents, study some of the development trend of the industry. It can only be called seniors.

in the development of electronic commerce today, there are a lot of feeling I want to share with you, but today the opening is a relatively simple opening, I told everyone a share, is on my micro-blog word "electronic commerce is our generation only to be able to catch up with the time with vigour and vitality of the industrial revolution. Miss you no wonderful", the development of every generation, will go through a process of the climax of the era, every era has its own wonderful.

most of our generation here are about 30 years old, can catch up with the wonderful e-commerce. So congratulations to everyone

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