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Ali public DNS officially released:

Alibaba group set many outstanding engineers developing and maintaining public DNS—AliDNS finally on-line friends! As the largest Internet service provider, the Alibaba based on years of excellent technology, by providing public service DNS excellent performance, provide the most reliable recursive solution for the majority of Internet users. AliDNS: stable, fast, smart!

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whether or not remember the beginning of the spectacular DNS abnormal hijacking, so a lot of things are being purchased Taobao you can not normally browse and single. DNS as the entrance of the Internet, more and more attention. Such an important thing, is also often hidden in the corner of the hacker thinking, active attacks occur every day.

Alibaba as the largest Internet Co, the obligation to have the ability to provide better DNS service, let the buddy can better access to resources on the Internet, whether it is shopping Taobao games brush micro-blog watch video, there are daily existence seckill!

to better soon!

what are our strengths?

1: we have the best network resources, whether it is China Unicom or mobile education network, can quickly access to the DNS, and return to the highest quality resource access.

2: domestic first-class IP library information to provide the most accurate analytical results.

3: domestic first-class security: AliDNS has an independent anti attack system.

4: easy to use: the use of Anycast technology, the global unified service ip:, national multi data center redundancy.

edns-client-subnet subsequently launched, stay tuned!

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