Adsense nets plagiarism what take to save you

station network, the domestic famous Adsense nets, when I first contact in this occupation, had heard of graph king’s name, it will often come here to learn, to see a good article to see a few times a year from a rookie webmaster, grow into an old webmaster, I sincerely thank Adsense station provides our exchange platform, after more than a year, I still every day to webmaster nets, but here the more is speculation, the webmaster to publicize their site through every kind of method, what is more from elsewhere plagiarism, adding their own website in the article, it appeared stately up, I despise this practice, you can’t write never mind, but you can learn to copy others and steal property as shameless, today the Internet actually saw a publicity The spatial speculation article, "I use" space "host feelings", this article will also be passed, so called as stationmaster net advertising network well, we have come here to send some advertising, no technical content of articles I can, but such a pure advertising article, why it will be through the network owners after? Where is the way?


king who is very good, I used to do others site plan is he to do intermediary, is very fair, for both sides is very thoughtful consideration, ask him questions can reply in a timely manner, no other owners of the shelf, so I dare to write this article. The starting point is for me our stationmaster is good, of course, also to stationmaster net good.

to write this article I don’t know whether it will be through, do not know will offend people? I have no other meaning, just tell us these Adsense stand faithful webmaster heart, if you have seen this, that stationmaster net can widely accepted the webmaster’s opinions and suggestions, if not passed what, I wouldn’t complain, but colleagues Good medicine is bitter., Faithful words grate upon the ear., don’t forget that there are "good for disease" and "good"! Wish stationmaster net can strict examination, in order to be the webmaster have a clean environment, there is a real place to learn!


I hope to be able to communicate with more webmaster experience QQ 5566616

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information is everywhere, and the soft article, you can always find something valuable! Some of the classic good article was reproduced only shows the classic article, lost, but some friends in the reprint articles when just replace the link of "literary processing", do not respect the original author is also. To establish a healthy concept of their owners.

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