Taobao alliance discovered fraud website Taobao entrap owner

visit the Taobao alliance today (formerly known as Ali mother), now suddenly find many websites to buy in advertising fraud is not familiar with the network of Taobao. They brush the flow and the way to make false clicks again and again to deceive the owner of Taobao to buy its advertising.

The main methods are as follows:

brush flow manufacturing high flow Taobao owner to buy a lure, such as the Alexa website, ranking no data, PR is 0, but the Taobao alliance advertising interface of its traffic is 2-3 million independent IP. as shown in figure



I later consulted to buy the shop owner, said there are hundreds of hits per day, so the Alexa Rankings have no data website, their traffic are probably not hundreds, but also to the advertising website with hundreds of click? As can be imagined, in order to reap the benefits of the remanufacturing of false hits.

continues to study and found that there are several ways to determine whether these sites have real traffic.

1 see the

Alexa ranking (although Alexa ranking can also brush, but the threshold is relatively high, increasing the cost of fraud).

2 Statistics to see its bounce rate, or the number of Web site access to the page.

3 in the Taobao union advertising page to see if the site of the ad appears, if the web site and the actual site of the domain name, you have to be careful. As shown in the site, there is a problem.


hereby advise everyone honest do stand, honest


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