How to optimize Blog to improve traffic

more and more people began to build their own Blog, no matter where, Blog has become a hot spot on the network. Some

for the optimization of Blog, Zac think Blog optimization has a lot of limitations, but I think it is not so, the following talk about the optimization of the Blog method.

1 content is king
Blog content to be interesting, at least they will be interested in, if you write things, they will not go to see second times, then others will be interested in it? Each page should focus on a topic, not too scattered.
Blog update to frequent, but also to have the law, so that your visitors will often come to see if there is a new article, and search engine spiders, will often grab new content. For frequently updated Blog, Google displays the date in its search results.

The optimization of

2) optimization based on web is a pointer to the search engine.

*Blog web site contains your keywords.

* placed the main keywords in the page title.

* the keywords in the text in the secondary.

* link text is also used for good keywords.

these optimization methods, Zac also think it is not easy to optimize the place, in fact as long as the template for Blog with a little study and customization, you can do more than four points, it is not difficult to. Of course, there may be some customization of the Blog platform is very weak, then it may not be able to achieve. I use the results from the point of view, in order to Blog, for example, with the MovableType platform is quite easy. I believe that Zac is also because of the Blog program is not familiar with the misunderstanding, in this, I would like to explain, Zac articles, I was often concerned, although not necessarily agree with his point of view, but a lot of reference value.

3) submit your Blog or RSS feed
RSS services site and Blog directory service 1
RSS service site and Blog directory service 2
RSS service site and Blog directory service 3

4) to try to use the Blog Ping function

5) to establish Blog point to your
* links each article you, there is a link to your home page.
* often Trackback other Blog, the premise is necessary, subject to the relevant.
* in others, for a topic of interest, to make a few comments, don’t leave a link to having substance in speech, pure and comment on

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