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Ji Chen

Wanda and intime department store (Group) Co., Ltd. (01833.HK, hereinafter referred to as "intime") both denied the acquisition rumors sound disappeared, intime chairman and CEO, Shen Guojun actual control of the "hand in hand" Ma, launched the "rookie network" project information has been flying all over the sky.

a number of indications that intime department store eager to go to the Department Store strategic adjustment has emerged. An insider told the "First Financial Daily" said that the desire to trade still exist between Wanda and intime intime, internal announcement once said, the two sides just signed an agreement, but at the last moment the negotiation stalemate is the price, "Wanda side feel out of 8 billion 200 million intime purchase price high".

accelerate the layout of the electricity supplier

business information, as the second largest shareholder of rookie network, Beijing Guojun Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Guojun investment") invested 3 billion 200 million yuan, accounting for 32% of the registered capital, after the first major shareholder holding 43% stake in Tmall. Guojun investment is the main capital intime department head Shen Guojun 100% holding operation platform.

insiders told reporters that Shen Guojun and Ma Yun are privately close friend for many years, Ma Yun is not optimistic about the traditional retail industry, but also deeply affects the prospect of Shen Guojun intime’s judgment, Ma Yun teamed up to the formation of large logistics network, but also through the development of electric business logistics development trend, from the layout of the electricity supplier to the enclosure, transformation of asset leasing model to a department store heavy commercial real estate assets.

in March 20th this year, intime has announced a high-profile, will be officially renamed the "intime business group", renamed after the completion will be divided into department stores, shopping centers, e-commerce in three main business, of which the main business will be inclined to commercial real estate.

and intime department store business strategy is closely aligned with the adjustment, the company experienced a wave of personnel upheaval. In April, there was news, intime Vice President Ma Qihua apply for leave for 6 months, the original function has thus changed, although Ma Qihua continued to serve as chief operating officer, vice president, but no longer serves as the North Zhejiang area general manager, no department in charge of business department, operation Department and marketing Department work.

in fact, during the period from 2009 to 2012, after intime before President Zhou Minghai suddenly left, with the fighting in the front of the department store industry "seven core team" in the three years after leaving, including Yu Guanghua, Ma Linxia, Wang Chun and other former Thai Department in charge of silver regional business executives. A company insiders told reporters, "Qihua Ma long vacation" may mean intime last veteran business entities executives have to leave.

traditional business brain drain

Ma Qihua has a very deep experience in the department store and has been working at Hangzhou Tower since 1989

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