Taobao freight insurance premiums rose quietly called for the introduction of competition

in the double eleven day to sell about 30000000 copies of the return shipping insurance (hereinafter referred to as shipping insurance), before once again raised the concern of many users, but this time it is because the price of


days ago, careful users found that freight insurance premium has been quietly rising, the claim amount unchanged, the premium from the highest 2 yuan rose to a maximum of 11.5 yuan, or more than four times.

reasons for the rise in freight insurance premiums, Taobao announced that it is to ensure the interests of the majority of buyers, while taking into account the interests of the insurance company, the price adjustment.

this, some netizens said that the insurance company as a commercial organization, according to the profit and loss situation to adjust prices understandable. However, due to the current this project only freight insurance Huatai Insurance Company, suggested that the introduction of a number of insurance companies to participate in the competition.

freight insurance premium rose to $11.5

recently, like online shopping Zhao suddenly found that its online shopping courier costs 9 yuan corresponding freight insurance premiums rose from the original $2.9 to $0.5. He contacted the customer service after Taobao learned that Taobao and its insurance company Huatai Insurance Company has adjusted the cost of insurance premiums. According to the ratio of the number of insurance claims and the number of successful insurance, the insurance company determines the premium level. It is understood that he bought a total of 17 months from May to ~8 freight insurance costs, claims for the 5 pen, the ratio of the number of claims and the success of the insured ratio reached a number of times, so up its premium.

, the daily economic news reporter learned that, after Taobao released in its insurance section, freight insurance (buyers) upgrade notice. The announcement said, in order to allow shipping insurance (buyers Edition) to better serve Taobao buyers to keep most of the interests of buyers, taking into account the interests of the insurance company, the insurance company for the part beyond the underwriting standards, buyers price adjustment or suspension of the service.

According to

, Huatai Insurance (hereinafter called Huatai Insurance) from May to August according to the buyers payment history, for the individual members of danger rate (the number of insurance claims success / success number) to adjust the premium. In fact, the timing of the adjustment has been started since August 23rd.

at the same time, also announced the list of a shipping insurance claim rate and claim amount. According to the table it can be seen that if the accident rate is less than or equal to 5%, the amount of claims in 5 yuan ~25 yuan, the premium is 0.5 yuan ~2 yuan, basically unchanged from the original case. If the buyer of the danger rate reached 29% or 30%, the claim amount is also to 25 yuan in 5 yuan, the premium will rise sharply to 2.9 yuan ~11.5 yuan. In short, there is no change in the amount of claims, but its premiums have increased significantly.

in addition, if the buyer from May to August >

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