Liu Ren who is who’s dream

      1 the login number more than 2 million 500 thousand celebration. Chen Yizhou asked, "who do you believe in the Internet?"

      2.2003 years, 01 months, I wrote in the "knowledge economy" we believe in the Internet, they left the "knowledge economy". The first venture failed, the first to admit that the complete failure is painful, and then give up the editor’s dream is painful, so, at this time, I need to use a new dream to comfort myself.

      3 in 2003, I believe that China’s internet. I think, at the time of China, do the Internet more opportunities than other industries, more comparative advantages, more likely to succeed.

      4 my reason is: before 1995, Zhang Zhaoyang wanted to be a "dancer", he was not successful, in 1995 after the Internet aura that this talkative "dancer" has become the most dazzling star of the show China. Without the Internet, Wang Zhidong is the general manager of China a second software company; with sina, he became after Liu Chuanzhi, the second generation of IT Chinese symbol; leaving Sina, he went back to the general manager of a software company’s second position.

      in 5 Ding Lei again after the success in the study of Wahaha selling pure water story, thought to read the Scriptures, think of his success and not what the Internet, he said: "any industry has the opportunity, any industry can be successful, the key to see how to do." I wrote the words of Ding Lei is hard to agree, without the Internet, he is the first in Ningbo Telecom Bureau, a general staff, after the Guangzhou company’s Sybase an employee, but also to be an engineer. The market is fair, the most scarce must be the most expensive, the most valuable Internet Ding Lei, Ding Lei can find free drinks."

      6 has been a journalist for the past 17 years. So, in 2003, I did not consider who should believe the internet. So, even though I believe in the Internet, I did not buy Google shares, did not buy Baidu stock.

      7 to the end of 2005, I have been clear that they do not have the ability to manage. People who do not have the ability to manage to make things bigger, only through other people dream.

      8 if you have to trust a person, then I choose to believe that the internet. In 2005, Chen Yizhou made SMS more money, but he also believed the Internet will be more money at the internet. Once have covered all over with cuts and bruises.


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