Nightclub red network Carnival which you do not know the secret

December 23rd, Christmas Eve, according to the masses to report (I do not know whether it is Chaoyang people), after a careful investigation. Beijing police to conduct a number of clubs and clubs, including the investigation of poly Blue Club and Dai Li sea ladies club. Seized hundreds of people involved.

well, so several days did not update the new king seems to have arrested the suspect…… Haha no, in fact, we are just a business trip, but also a bad trip on the ground floor…… (excuse)

rumors, "there is a lot of Internet ‘respected’ figure was caught". Then a mysterious and evasive to the Internet venture, entrepreneurial network and red people mainly arrest list is "thrown" out of the circle of friends.


immediately, people guess "Zhuojian started. In the face of "Internet plus pornography" the top explosion point, whether serious news or gossip all day.

list of this one, it is said that the country are looking for Daniel……

Who is

Daniel? Who is Daniel?

is said that the Danie is a well-known investor, is now being cast by entrepreneurs who have been killed, and the death of the command


"get out before tomorrow’s headlines".

this authenticity, quite a question.

has a list of users suspected of "famous angel investor" Zhenge fund founder Xu Xiaoping. But on the morning of December 26th, Xu Xiaoping personal name micro-blog account issued by the state, suspected of being arrested rumors. "Christmas rare free, watched three movies: romantic, magical animal, die bloody hacksaw ridge. Really nice. Ha ha."


another head on the arrest, "a name will be filled with all know who is female cock red screen, estimated that this is really over, hard year, night returned to liberation……" Well, don’t worry, it’s not Papi sauce.

because she made a micro-blog in December 25th.


of these rumor and hearsay sounds, new knowledge you want to say, the ring true chaos


below, is a mysterious broke the news, after the incident, a detailed summary of the current situation of the underground industry.

broke the people’s description, we found that this industry is large, loosely organized but clear chain, whether it is social media, broadcast, photographer or model, with a detailed path in this chain.

and some of them are involved in the red network, which played a role in pushing hands. And they are the most

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