nternet information office to talk about the abolition of the FTA restrictions on Facebook no excep


Internet Information Office: China’s Internet management is no exception to the

Beijing News (reporter Jiang Yanxin) China’s Government micro-blog certified account of more than 240 thousand. Yesterday, deputy director of the Information Office of the state Internet China Ren Xianliang said that as of the end of September, the number of Internet users has reached 604 million Chinese.

according to Ren Xianliang introduction, the rapid development of China’s social media. As of June, micro-blog Chinese users reached 331 million; micro channel from January 2011 release date, the user scale has exceeded 300 million, 410 thousand growth in average daily number of users. According to the statistics of the 10 most influential websites in China, only micro-blog releases and forwards more than 200 million messages a day.

is currently more than 97% central government departments and 100% provincial governments and more than 98% of the municipal government departments to open government portal website, micro-blog certified government accounts more than 240 thousand.

said Ren Xianliang for the fight against micro-blog and other network V activity is reduced to the problem of our country, protection of citizens’ freedom of speech, since the fight against Internet rumors to carry out the work, make good progress, make the network space to make clear, the online dragons and fishes jumbled together can be improved, but also does not affect the normal and orderly dissemination of information.

for Shanghai FTA will cancel restrictions on foreign websites such as Facebook argument, Ren Xianliang said that China’s Internet management is no exception to the.

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