Xicihutong 13 years long cherished wish end buy Larry domain xici com

It is reported that in February 27, 2012

news, today, in the "xici.net Larry domain xici.com once again changed hands is to spread the news there is a legend, raise a Babel of criticism of, it is the West Temple community xici.net, now the domain name has not been shown to correlate the xici.com domain name is really

buyers xici.net community?


figure: micro-blog page


micro-blog message xici.net network founder: Xiangma micro-blog said: "a good news just learned that over ten years of my dream. The xici.com domain was 99 years after injection, Canada, America, two years ago has finally returned home, to return to the West temple." The xici.com domain name buyers is the West Temple community.



: xici.net Logo

xici.com domain name registered in February 15, 1999, has been 13 years of registration, the domain name has repeatedly changed hands, had removed Canada America the hands of users, in order to get back to the.COM domain name xici.com, is the West Temple community efforts, in 2009, had hoped that with the help of Xicihutong arbitration means won the xici.com domain name, Yizhisuzhuangjiang the original owner of the domain name report to the adndrc, but the final arbitration fails, xici.com is still owned by the original owner.


map: domain name information


, in 2010 July, xici.com domain was in the $50 thousand acquisition of home, when the identity of the buyer is not disclosed, there was speculation should be in the West Temple community acquired. Today, the West Temple community over the years, finally to buy back to the xici.com domain name, to further create brand effect is very big, now have many xici.net dozens of domain name domain name xici.cn/.com.cn/.net.

is the domestic enterprises pay more and more attention for the website, willing to spend lots of money to buy back its international.COM domain name suffix, such as mumayi community after many years finally closed "mumayi" repurchase three spell domain name mumayi.com. Xicihutong xici.net was founded in 1998, more than and 10 years, the company has not made for the.Com domain name and distress, and now with xici.com, thus to sleep without any anxiety.


Xicihutong was founded in 1998, is the first large-scale comprehensive Chinese community website, after years of accumulation and development, has become the Chinese community portal xici.net website the most important. Xici.net in area and population, in three main categories, set up more than 30 classification, content rich and colorful, cover and contain everything. Have the State Trademark Bureau "xici.net" registered trademark, and the country has.

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