When the screen before hormone depletion who can break the live broadcast of the industry’s yoke of

[Abstract] the direct seeding industry is growing into a huge market, and the question of pornographic and vulgar is still hanging on the head of the industry.

Tencent technology deep network report group Xin Liu Yalan, April 20th, reported

night fell, when the office workers from the office of Beijing swarmed out, enjoy the last day of leisure time, Xiao Xin (a pseudonym) just got up. As usual, she washed the picture in the mirror with double nose shadow, false eyelashes, open studio with photography lights, shining white and comes beauty camera, instantly make small Yan face become very pale and translucent on the screen.

this scene is not strange, many years ago, with the rise of YY and 9158 other network broadcast platform, the female anchor grey began known for an occupation, but compared to the past, nearly half a second spring once again hot broadcast industry, the social environment and market environment has made great changes.

is the live feast of the participants, both big stars, red net, three or four line model, ordinary white-collar workers, but also from the porn industry to switch to the so-called peripheral female; both the son of Asia’s richest man broke into a high-profile national husband Wang Sicong, also a Tencent, 360, unfamiliar Street, Taobao electricity supplier, the United States, Youku potatoes, YY and other traditional Internet Co; both chasing profit investors, also has a "dream division" entrepreneurs and brokerage, and ultimately support the hot market, is large and small intelligent mobile phone screen, and behind the fuzzy Chinese face hundreds of millions of Internet users.

third party data show that the Chinese female anchor group at least has reached millions of people level, but also in rapid expansion, the live active time is amplified to 24 hours a day, many segments of the game involves gaming, entertainment, education and so on, hundreds of millions of Internet users participate in national agitation.

all the information seems to indicate that the live industry is growing into a huge emerging market, but on the other hand, questioning the vulgar pornography is still hanging in the head of the lingering broadcast industry chains, this half is because the public has with the other half, is tainted glasses, because although the regulatory authorities to investigate the time, the Yellow platform measures frequent, but curiosity, desires and hormones is still the major cause of driving live market development, the establishment of industry behind the social value, sustainable business model is still far from time.

and once the demographic dividend disappeared, Internet users fresh and hormone depletion, countless eager to live in the industry Nuggets women can really live a decent and dignified life?

Pour in the Nuggets

after the Spring Festival this year, watched by more and more female friends live through the mobile phone to make money, home in Inner Mongolia Baotou small Yan also released a new white think when the anchor of the post on the Baidu Post Bar, to her surprise, just one hour, they received from the cool dog stars, NetEase CC, YY, crazy, love >

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