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Zhou Zhenglong

April 30th, Tianya community network Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as Tianya community), which ranked first in the domestic Internet forum, appeared on the list of three new board.

ten years ago, in the community, decided to go to the overseas listing; seven years ago, Tianya decided to return to the mainland, trying to hit the gem; today, it decides listed on the new board. From the overseas market to the gem, and then to the new three board, Tianya community took a big detour". Walk, some people say that the world is old.

this open data, is not beautiful: two consecutive years, a total loss of 70 million, net operating cash for two consecutive years of negative.

"this is the price of transformation." Xing Ming, chairman of Tianya community responded that not only is not a difficult stage, but is the most promising period".

Tianya low profile cause concern

In the past week,

has become a hot topic. "Popular" speed, as it used to manufacture those detonated network hot.

Tianya community in April 30th release of the public transfer instructions. The same day, the new three board market, dozens of companies together hundreds of copies of the announcement. Tianya community "manual", which is not annihilation. Soon after, the manual was discovered, and uploaded to the network. Subsequently, the horizon community intends to announce the news of the new three board, wide concern for the outside world.

we had wanted to deal with the low-key listing of things, but did not expect so much repercussions outside." Tianya community, a staff member said. May 8th, Tianya chairman Xing Ming said that public opinion on the horizon of concern, beyond his expectations.

so high popularity, determined by the status of Tianya community. 1999, Xing Ming holding the stock earned 20 million revenue, the founder of the Tianya community. After more than ten years time, this biased in Hainan forum to current events, entertainment gossip and other famous.

domestic users will be regarded as the spiritual home". For quite a long time, the end of the community is the domestic network culture vane. From the end of the world’s most popular posts, leading the trend of network issues. Even a lot of public events, but also originated in the horizon.

April 30th, the manual, Tianya community cited 5 examples to support its influence. These examples include Xu Benyu for the post in the horizon, and then was moved Chinese characters; 2012, Fang and Han Han fans debate, hit the "world first high-rise" Guinness record.

5 examples, then the users for having heard it many times "little moon", "Sister Lotus" and other Internet Celebrities, also from the horizon. In addition, such as "the Ming Dynasty"

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