Video site video piracy piracy due to criminal responsibility

in extensive network Beijing on October 14th news according to voice of the economy, the "world" reported yesterday (13) morning, Beijing city Chaoyang District court together with industry deterrent cases, well-known video site video antenna ( of the 6 employees with piracy infringement cases suspects on trial at the same time. In this case the deterrent effect is usually piracy will only be ordered civil compensation, and the antenna video people are subject to criminal prosecution. Antenna video has become China’s first video site due to piracy by criminal responsibility.

Prosecutors accused

, aerial video in two years time, broadcast more than 5 thousand pirated television series, a total of more than 2 thousand yuan of illegal access to advertising revenue. Some lawyers pointed out that the antenna video executives in violation of the relevant provisions of the copyright law, may face three to seven years in prison.

In fact, two years ago,

in the fight against piracy in the network of special operations, the problem of piracy has been set up video antenna case, the national copyright administration also listed it as one of the country’s top ten cases. Despite the warning signal so clear, antenna video is still blind, just continue to piracy. Finally took place before the Mid Autumn Festival last year, aerial video executives were arrested by the public security organs scene.

antenna video executives were arrested news video website industry, for a time, greatly small video sites are beginning to remove pirated infringing content on your own website, but has been unable to escape the antenna video. Antenna video a total of 6 people involved were arrested, including 4 executives and the general editor of the 2. According to one editor, aerial video pirated films have two main sources, one is to use the Internet to download software, there is direct to buy a CD ripping, then send to the internet.

video of the antenna officials are not completely without considering the copyright issues, they avoid infringement disputes, requirements are not allowed the editors download mainland and Hongkong TV, can upload a part of South Korea and the Taiwan TV drama, and drama website mainly provides the broadcast. I thought the distant, foreigners can not sue their copyright. However, it is understood, resulting in the case of the prosecution of the antenna video with broken halberds defeat, is an overseas company culture.

antenna video can be said to be too smart to rack the brains to become, but a negative typical in the industry, by the judicial organs against key. So, in the case of aerial video, what lessons should we learn from the voice of the connection of the economic commentator Li Guangyu lawyer, and he to explore.

host: Antenna video because of the problem of network piracy has been a criminal prosecution, then you come from the law to explain to us why the online play pirated movies will also have the risk of imprisonment?

Li Guangyu: the protection of copyright in our country is going through a process that was not required by 1990

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