E market share dropped 55% of its death is only a matter of time

has been "sleep without any anxiety" IE dangerous




Windows system with the absolute market share advantage, IE browser has been "sleep without any anxiety", but since Microsoft launched an updated Edge browser and Google Chrome IE was eliminated more make efforts, began to speed up the rate of the.

The latest statistics from the

market research firm NetMarketShare shows that in 2016 the annual share of the browser market statistics, IE browser accounted for 21.66%, compared with the same period in 2015 46.32% share, a drop of 55%.


and Edge browser is basically stagnant, 2016 market share of 5.21%, although the comparison of the same period in 2015 increased by 190% (2.79%). But with reference to the Window 10 system to enhance the share point of view, this increase is not satisfactory.


rival, Google Chrome browser and Mozilla FireFox is a road in 2016, stride forward singing militant songs, share up to 56.43% and 12.22% respectively.

other browsers, Opera is still stable at 1.33%, apple Safari is 0.14%.

at present, Microsoft has been added to the Edge browser plug-in expansion support and Google Brotli compression algorithm, is expected in 2017 will be staged between Chrome and more intense competition.

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