Fang Zhouzi Zhou Hongyi Zhou Hongyi apologized in court in favor of disinformation case

recently, Qihoo 360 sued Fang malicious defamation case concluded, the court Zhou Hongyi lost, damages Fang notary fees of 1000 yuan, and pay the case acceptance fee of 1406 yuan. According to Fang described in micro-blog, because "Zhou Hongyi apologized in court, the court sentenced him to think there is no need to apologize". Fang said that the verdict "dumbfounding".



since the beginning of September 2012, Fang by micro-blog released a number of blog, questioned the Qihoo 360 products to steal user privacy and malicious competition, and directly show the received multiple users "reporting materials". At the same time, with the 360 doubts soaring, professional and technical personnel, the media have questioned the safety of products added to the Qihoo 360 and the means of competition in the ranks, including Xiamen University, Wuhan University, Taiwan Chang Gung University and other universities have issued a notice to unload 360 students, Baosteel Group, the benefits of Kerry, AMD, NetEase and other large enterprises are prohibited enterprise employees use 360 products. Subsequently, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce issued an administrative warning 360, the Ministry also said it would further investigate the issue of the 360 products.


Fang, Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi through micro-blog responded that Fang received 360 competitors of the money for the 360. In this regard, Fang believes that Zhou Hongyi is a rumor, and the micro-blog public rumors, has seriously damaged its reputation, immediately launched a lawsuit.

up to now, Zhou Hongyi has been more than a lawsuit because of speech problems. In March 2011, the court Zhou Hongyi for fabricating facts to slander Jinshan, Kingsoft Corp compensation 80 thousand yuan, the decision also asked Zhou Hongyi ten days to remove the relevant micro-blog since the date of entry into force of the judgment, and since 7 consecutive days in Sina, Sohu, NetEase and micro-blog home to part of the traditional media published a statement of apology. Because the case is the first case for micro-blog personal remarks triggered a lawsuit, and caused a huge blow to the Jinshan market, so it is called "the first case of micro-blog; in July 2013, the court Zhou Hongyi released on May 2010 by micro-blog malicious slander article has obvious nature of the structure of reputation infringement, should be deleted in micro-blog, and issued a statement of apology in the micro-blog home page, an apology to the Beijing Kingsoft Corp to make public.

In addition

, December 2013, Haidian court sentenced Zhou Hongyi reputation dispute, Tan Xiaosheng and Qihoo 360 company and Baidu company, the Qihoo 360 Lost, asked Zhou Hongyi to remove infringing micro-blog, apologize for 10 days and fined 50 thousand yuan. In this regard, Zhou Hongyi micro-blog said: "recent retreat for the ironic reflection: a giant false medical advertising harm, eating a lawsuit worth? When killing rogue software to offend people I eat the lawsuit, but the rogue software is dead, the user computer clean; launched 360 free antivirus off other people’s wealth I have.

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