Vintage where the customer is in this life to do to get out of the abyss

"the invitation of spring, everything is promised, not only my love."

"because, you know, we’re undefeated heroes, there’s a cartilage."

"only God knows how much I love you."……

where the customer on-line series of new pages, full of such literary sensibility, the sentence, they come from Marcks, Mu Dan, Eileen Chang. Once because of "literary youth" label is that many business people look bad old, this time the more thoroughly. He said: "we only do I love and understand." And where the brand slogan became "don’t talk, please do not love me".


founder and CEO Chen (formerly known as Wang Wei) literary style "no shortage of traffic


9 years old, where the boom bust, ditch. Partners, friends, or investors, almost everyone is tempted me, say you do not resist, and recently there is a project, we vote for you to do." Chen told billion state power network, he chose to insist, "where is a thing of my life, if I can put all the guest from the cliff or deep turn, I am very happy."

, self willed, self love who who, young artists such theory, can not help but also allow a large number of people pinch Khan – "do you know who is Mu Dan? Is Chinese students, and some teachers love, don." A business man commented. Even where the team itself has also questioned the writer and poet is too small.

tried to use Vintage data to prove the outside world worry. "In April 7th, Mu Dan new T-shirt on the line that day, where the trading volume rose 3 times, in April 12th rose to 5 times." Chen told billion state power network. "We didn’t spend money on advertising, but the brand is no shortage of traffic."

see "how to avoid the lack of traffic" where the results: in 2015, the actual purchase where the user has about 3000000 number, so far we accumulated more than 80 million users.

so, no shortage of traffic every guest, by what


(where customers want to borrow a few "the leader" turn) is a super network founder red


industry to billion state power network is jokingly evaluation, where the customer is able to maintain today, one important reason is the founder of a network is red, so we have to ensure the flow."

let’s take a look at the "red" vintage influence: Sina micro-blog has 6 million 30 thousand fans, more than half of published autobiographical novel "returning", where the customer operates the fan group, one group called "Mu Dan and the 30 picture, there are 60 and 70, 90, regardless of age, every chat discussion.

in the founder is net Red >

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