P2P foot behind the regulatory framework has been faintly visible license is still the focus of cont

original title: crazy P2P crazy investors

P2P after a year of crazy growth, now facing crazy foot. On the eve of the imminent introduction of regulation, today’s madness will become the last of the crooks who do not know, but it is undeniable that many investors fooled, perhaps not too clever liar.

painful 30 days to find the foot of the P2P

"I didn’t find the place you said, this is a site." A telephone call from a friend, Zhang Yu (a pseudonym) just ignite the fire of hope was extinguished again. For 30 days, she spent almost every day in the hope and despair of the change, but the nightmare comes from a company called "Shanghai thanks to" P2P, run away. As cheated investors, Zhang Yu work outside all the energy used in the search for missing P2P, trying to get back her investment of about 100000 dollars.

this foot on the P2P platform has 4 domain names, one of which also involves foreign servers. Zhang invested in the web page in June 21st has been unable to open. In the Baidu snapshot reporter saw the platform issued by the longest period of only 2 months, and the least amount of borrowing a sum of $250 thousand, the highest reached $1 million 390 thousand, the annual yield of about 25%. The victims were entered into an account named Hua Hua Chang ICBC account, the estimated amount of transactions involving about about 23800000 yuan.

"I found that day" went to open the report, but was told that "the investigation is very difficult".

however, Zhang Yu is not willing to give up any hope. Every day, she will exchange information with the victim group, hoping to find more traces.

bet is still too late to regret about being

"when I realized something was wrong, I couldn’t get my money back." Zhang Yutan gas, remorse seems to have been accompanied by her feet from the beginning of the platform, because in front of the platform running, she has been aware of the platform problems.

"I have invested in a 2 month project on this platform, but it was soon discovered that the project was a problem." Zhang Yu said, she queried the platform partner of a Wind Energy Ltd in Shandong, but the company has no official website, only a contact phone. "When I got on the phone, the other guy told me that the company didn’t exist. At this point, I’m sure there’s a problem with the P2P."

, however, Zhang Yu on the platform to invest in a few days on the project expires, after the investment is not here". But she did not expect is that the investment she did not get a penny back.

found that in an interview with reporters, in fact, a lot of investment on the platform already suspicious, but still add stakes. Beijing investors Mr. Hou admitted that the site does not invest in specific contracts, the contract is only a template download on the site. "When I talk to you again"

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