Liu Ren the nternet is very good very powerful

1 Hongkong police may not know, the U.S. military was designed to deal with the Internet in the former Soviet Union’s nuclear strike. The Internet even nuclear strikes are not afraid, be afraid of police in Hongkong? Hongkong police police spend so much, so much taxpayer money to check the source of pornographic, what is the reason for


2.8 years ago, Chen Ming, who was studying religion, asked me what is software, I said: "software is to add together the wisdom of the 1000 engineers for the past 5 years, fixed, sold to you for $1000. Windows is one of the software."

3 what is the Internet the Internet is the wisdom of the about 1000000000 users together, free to you. This is, of course, very good, very powerful. Fat people in the use of the Internet is a powerful force and Hongkong police fighting, the results can be imagined.

4 the Internet does not belong to anyone, so it belongs to anyone. The Internet does not belong to anyone, so it is a social device. Once a journalist and I said, her media to become public, I can’t believe that her boss would agree. His boss will say to her: "you can tell the reader that we are social agents, but in private, you must represent the interests of the group." The Internet does not have a boss, so it is a social utility. Edison Chan is the author of the photo, but the Internet is a public utility, is a public media, so the Internet does not listen to the author of the, do not listen to the Hongkong police, intimidation is useless. Internet to listen to the wishes of Internet users. Although this may contain human weakness. But if you believe in human beings, you should believe in the internet.

5 "pornographic" and "very yellow, very violent" to discredit the Internet, the Internet will be 10 times the "anti black, anti ridicule.

6 when democracy was abducted after the capital, people can use the power of less. Thanks to the Internet, it is more powerful than the guns of American citizens, and the power of the people.

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