Google evolution the 10 anniversary of the listing of giant Brand domain

August 19, 2004, after bumpy Google finally listed on nasdaq. As the king of the Internet, the impact of the IPO in the world at the same time, but also for the evolution of Google inject fresh blood. This month ushered in the ten anniversary of the listing of Google’s day, which only took a period of 10 years, on the growth of the market value of the world’s second largest technology company after apple. Google from the capital darling to the network beast, and then to today’s search giant, all cannot do without the hand to create the domain name "empire".


Google director domain name "feast": the acquisition of arbitration registration Qi battle!

was founded in September 1998, Google, is the world’s largest search engine. As a search engine started technology companies, dissatisfaction with the status quo of Google, from the initial barbaric growth, to now grow to a fast 15 year old giant, involved in the field of countless products and. Google listed 10 anniversary of this memorable day, let us stand on the shoulders of giants, to see how the domain name is a step by step expansion of the


as one of the most popular sites on the Internet, Google know the domain name is very important for the promotion and development of an enterprise. The brand is more emphasis on the protection of the domain name and even spend huge sums of money also will not refuse under any circumstances have most of the companies, the number of domain names is the Internet giant. As early as in November 2007, Google is one of the world’s shortest domain name, Ho throw tens of millions of dollars; in 2011, and then spend the price of the acquisition of the domain name, Google products to provide a short URL service.


of domain name protection consciousness is strong, have a lot of registered trademark "Google", which and other brands of domain names are "not" Google palm. Each Google to launch a product, its name will become the most popular type of cybersquatting. In order to avoid malicious competitors to register the domain name, causing adverse effects, Google will choose to spend heavily or arbitration, etc.. At that time, the mad "50 yuan 2 million 500 thousand" domain name, is from the hands of Google registered repurchase, called the good domain name.


has a "Google" trademark in the world, nor in the absence of national suffixes, such as, a domain name. Of course, as a global search giant, once hit its bottom line is not easy to provoke. In 2012, the, and other 763 domain names, involving Google will launch the product name and trademark confusion, Google huff recaptured the number of "huge" domain name dispute. While holding the valley singer in the domain name domain name number will also be too numerous to enumerate, and growing with age.


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