Taobao Alliance this year the third party developer CPS into the amount or reach 500 million

April 16th news, according to a scouring network’s Taobao alliance data show that: in the first quarter of 2012, the turnover and the amount of money pulled by third parties have also exceeded the sum of last year. Expected in 2012 by third party developers to drive the transaction is expected to reach more than 10 billion, the amount of money to the developer of the third party or will reach $500 million.

According to the Taobao

alliance responsible person Qu Yang revealed that the first quarter of this year, Taobao alliance platform of Taobao & off site; the total number of applications has exceeded 100 thousand, all third party developers to bring the contribution of transaction amount is also more than 3 billion 100 million last year. Qu Yang also said that this year the rapid development of third party developers, or will be more than 4-5 times last year.

Qu Yang said that this year Taobao alliance platform to join more businesses to provide more opportunities for third party developers. "Apart from Taobao, Tmall and Ali own businesses, because of a scouring network, more and more like Kuba, where customers, shop No. 1 of the external B2C businesses have started to pay attention to the Taobao alliance recommended adding high-quality B2C businesses to provide third party developers to increase revenue opportunities."

it is understood that Taobao open platform for developers to provide customers third party profit model – CPS with Taobao B2C and the domestic business goods, store data, Taobao alliance intends to open through the depth of the core, using a variety of data interface, data interface, more resources can be shared with the developers. (end)

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