P2P platform scale polarization intensified most platforms difficult to do more than 500 million

– this version of the Information Times reporter Chen Zhouqin

net loan home recently released statistics show that in September the new on-line P2P platform 103, the industry operating platform up to 1438, the chain growth rate of up to 5.96%. The collapse of the policy and the sensitive period did not slow down the speed of the platform, is expected to end the number of operating platform will exceed 1700. But it is worth noting that, with the development of different platforms differentiation, the size of the transaction is also showing a trend of polarization, part of the larger platform is likely to face more policy risks.

regulators require P2P small

according to statistics, in September turnover of 100 million yuan platform for a total of 45, the total volume of these platforms is 12 billion 667 million yuan, accounting for 49.15% of total volume, the total volume of the 1000 platform accounted for just over 50%, intense competition between platforms.

with the brightest giants have entered the P2P net loan industry, the net loan industry gradually increased the threshold of invisibility, will accelerate the industry reshuffle, net loan platform scale polarization intensified. Data show that in September, the volume including venture capital Hongling, Lu Jin, Wenzhou Xin Hui, loans, favorable net, such as peer-to-peer lending platform before the ten of the total accounted for 27.17%, many of them like "large scale" platform.

however, China CBRC regulatory innovation director Wang Yanxiu recently held in Shenzhen "2014 China Internet financial innovation and Development Forum" clearly put forward ten principles of P2P regulation, the platform must adhere to small, Small and micro businesses and individuals to support the development of the project, the corresponding principle ", and stressed that the agency is not P2P intermediary credit, credit intermediary to bear the credit risk, is not a trading platform, is the information intermediary," P2P is to provide information services for both microfinance institutions "should clear the boundaries of their business, should be different from other statutory chartered financial services.

current regulatory policy is about to be introduced, the amount of loans and the subject of the platform and the interest rate is limited, some of the high interest rates or to a large standard business based platform, policy risks may face." Net loan home chief researcher Ma Jun said.

total turnover is expected to break 90 billion

data show that in September net loan industry turnover of 25 billion 728 million yuan, the chain in August ($23 billion 667 million) grew by 8.71%, lower than the volume growth in August (9.20%).

Ma Jun said that at present, China’s economy is facing downward pressure, corporate capital demand has declined, the scale of social financing growth has slowed. In addition, before the national day, investors out of risk aversion and liquidity needs, so that the funds back, therefore, net loan volume growth is weak. However, 2014 is still the outbreak of the growth of the P2P industry, the total annual turnover is expected to exceed $240 billion, the loan balance or up to $90 billion.

it is worth noting that the September issue platform

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