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rookie Adsense to understand the success of the four principles

now Chinese website a lot of people, but do not have a lot of success. Many of my friends give up halfway. I’ve been standing for over a year. Not successful, but a steady monthly income. I will sum up my experience, I hope useful for some friends.

summary of the airline ticket website traffic sources

we often make plans for the site’s traffic, mainly to improve the performance of the site and search engine optimization, etc.. This is because we as SEO or that operators often think about, not too much spending in the bidding advertising investment, so we start from the access log as necessary to research data; moreover, to understand the actual operation of station resources and plan from the soft and offline promotion and so on; there is because the performance of the website promotion and search engine optimization is more specific and objective, enhance the space it is easy to see, and SEO players do more, I hope everyone can express their opinions and suggestions.

do not collect and collect the webmaster to do content website

on Friday at the A5 forum to do a "collection" topic for Website Version, who collected topics are not unfamiliar, the site was built up, the first collection of information rich site, and then slowly increase the content, gradually formed has its own characteristics to the website. The acquisition, especially the acquisition software now can meet the information needs of the owners, with the help of collection tools, faster and more effective implementation of the site webmaster.

station 2 years IP2.5 years of some small experience

2007 train timetable has been difficult to do, the competition is very fierce. After my careful analysis of several famous station, I decided to start from the long tail, the station in the train timetable, train timetable, train tickets and other words, I decided to take the train schedule, city to city keywords train timetable supplement (such as Xi’an to Beijing, Xi’an to Shanghai time schedule table), which is the query results page is displayed to let Baidu included. The train station has more than 3 thousand, so many city cross connection, the number of long tail keywords out of the lot. Relying on these keywords, the site in the station after more than 1 months, traffic has exceeded 1000IP.

how to do a good web site has good conditions

With the

search engine on the Internet is more and more big, almost reached the dependence, therefore, and the use of search engine use is of concern, for a time, SEO, SEM will naturally become the focus of attention, almost all companies are in focus on Baidu ranking, ranking on google. Some companies in order to achieve some good results, please the specialized SEO company for the surgeon, SEO is becoming more and more enthusiastic, especially Baidu to launch the new system, the natural ranking is more important.


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