Ali executives before the establishment of royal road network to enter the automotive supplies verti

I horse: Recently, the domestic automobile products online mall Royal transit network ( officially launched, the transit network for positioning products for automobile vertical retail e-commerce platform, with large data consumers shopping guide for the operating characteristics of the driving force of the online shopping platform, fully embodies the value of the consumer online shopping experience respect, marks the e-commerce China the retail market is gradually mature, consumers in addition to the traditional online shopping online shopping mall Tmall, Jingdong, and the Royal transit network as a new online shopping experience, it also brings new competition pattern of domestic e-commerce retail market.

It is reported that the Royal

transit network by former Alibaba executives and well-known investor Xiang Shaohua Qi Xianwei Internet industry veteran who founded, there are more than in the above Alibaba Yu Qinian Internet veterans its operations team, this is the Alibaba on the NYSE IPO made rich, Ali executives start another landmark project.

According to the Royal

transit network CEO Qi Xianwei, Royal transit network preparations for nearly 1 years, summed up the past ten years Chinese consumer online shopping demand characteristics, with the Internet operating experience, with full respect for the consumer as the Royal transit network operation only is an important choice, the Royal transit network stressed C2B (consumer driven supply) of the core business the value concept, through interaction with the automotive consumer shopping and use, and online shopping big data analysis to determine the supply of goods, and provide services for the automotive consumer shopping guide". Qi Xianwei when talking about the business model, emphasizing the Royal transit network is different from Taobao, Tmall and other traditional online shopping platform independent shops operating mode, the royal road network unified operation, can make good quality control and demand solutions, and through the establishment of quality assurance system of goods, will be directly substandard and fake and high-quality goods area auto supplies the separated, only provide consumers with authentic goods, with "moving service" to give consumers a real value.

"we may not like Taobao as the start of the scale needs a huge category and mass merchandise to support, when we will be focusing on the field of automotive supplies, per capita operating efficiency will be higher than our traditional comprehensive shopping website, which makes us consumers away from the more recent, and help the car product suppliers to establish sales channels more directly. To realize fine management." Qi Xianwei said firmly.

it is understood in terms of network community construction, network transit network is established at the Royal coplanar with the car users, automotive supplier community relations, the plan will create a royal transit network become car supplies consumer trusted platform, information platform for entertainment, car life, car supplies trends information interaction platform the establishment of financial and insurance, and complementary roles of the supply chain ecosystem derivative system. With the construction and development of the royal road network, we have reason to believe that she will become a new force in e-commerce online shopping.

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