The new wealth alliance of network operators to seek healthy development of e commerce breakthrough

e-commerce development has encountered a period of rapid development, has encountered a bottleneck period of stagnation, but the new wealth network alliance (, and the network within the same industry to break the bottleneck, has been rapid development in 2011, to seek healthy bigger development space in 2012 is.

new wealth network alliance believes that e-commerce as a new business model, has a strong vitality. Its rapid development has led to the innovation of the transaction mode, especially the reform of the circulation mode. As the three main lines of the whole e-commerce model, logistics, payment flow and information flow are indispensable to every e-commerce transaction. The logistics is the foundation, the information flow is the bridge, the payment flow is the goal. Guarantee of electronic commerce logistics. Logistics is just an integral part of the transaction, but it is the ultimate embodiment of the value of goods and services. The new wealth network alliance believes that a successful logistics system should at least 5R, which is at the right time, the right place and the right conditions, the right products to the right customers.


is the new wealth Beijing Tongchuang blue ( under the blue sky project, Beijing Tongchuang is a professional construction company, has always focused on the B2C online shopping and e-commerce solutions, quickly became Chinese class integrated business leaders in a short period of five years, has accumulated millions of users of the recognition and support. Beijing Tongchuang blue focus on brand building high-end enterprise website, is committed to solve the systematic unity of enterprise brand spread on the Internet, and the application in the enterprise brand interactive products.

now, e-commerce all the way, has become its bottleneck is nothing more than the payment flow and information flow stagnation. First of all, as one of the three elements of e-commerce, payment flow is an indispensable means to achieve e-commerce transactions. The payment and settlement link is completed by the financial special network including the payment gateway, the bank and the issuing bank. Therefore, the bank can be said to be the core of any e-commerce capital flows. Secondly, the new wealth network alliance view, information flow refers to the buyers and sellers of e-commerce transactions for all information to advantageous deals in acquisition, identification, processing and application activities. It is the core of all e-commerce activities. It can be divided into four parts: the internal information flow, the information flow between the enterprise and the enterprise, the information flow between the enterprise and the customer, and the information flow between the customer and the customer.


for this new wealth, as the electricity supplier alliance alliance of network operators Chinese project development is the most mature of a larger market Chinese B2C 3C professional online shopping platform, is one of the Chinese e-commerce field of the most popular and powerful e-commerce website. New wealth now has tens of thousands of people throughout the country

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