As a webmaster you suffer from mental illness

"Internet addiction clinical diagnostic criteria" of the "standard" I believe we have heard in recent days, many friends of the fifth QQ signatures are changed to "wake up, become mental disease". The others will be deducted without any cause or reason on a "mental illness" hat, I want to put this who are not happy. The fifth is now to talk about the so-called "standard".

"Internet addiction clinical diagnostic criteria" by the health department of General Logistics Department of General Hospital of Beijing Military Region, and led the development of the organization through the "expert" argument, it also shows that the implementation of standardization in our country will be "Internet addiction". Internet addiction is defined in this standard as a mental disorder caused by repeated use of the internet. The definition of this behavior has seven criteria, one of the quantitative indicators is the average daily use of the network for more than 6 hours or more, and the symptoms reached or exceeded for 3 months.

we can now compare this standard, I believe most people are in line with the quantitative indicators of it. Most programmers, web developers, owners and ordinary Internet users have more than 8 hours, then these Internet workers will be the standard for patients with mental illness, this standard will make us the majority of computer professional students were identified as "mental disease" patients, our students, our motherland the future is a standard "mental illness", how to contribute to the cause of national IT. This so-called "standard" seems unrealistic in the fifth information, but also forced the fifth to doubt this "Internet addiction clinical diagnostic criteria".

for this standard, the fifth want to say, please experts to develop and demonstrate the evidence to prove what, 6 hours online every day is

mental illness!

modern society has been referred to as the "knowledge era, the Internet Era", the network has become an indispensable tool for social development, people’s lives. The network continues to promote the development of society and economy, and the people on the earth are more closely linked. For many sectors of the community, their employees to work on the Internet, their work is done through the Internet, especially Internet workers, their daily online time are not significantly more than 6 hours? Can we contribute to these China Internet people is mental illness patients? Fifth think this standard is a quantitative index to determine whether Internet addiction is not rigorous, not scientific.

for that part of the network and online games for young people, six hours a day online games on the physical and psychological growth is indeed a great damage. But according to this standard, they will all be identified as suffering from mental illness". Not yet ripe for teenagers, it will inspire them to continue to fall, this is no use to help them get rid of Internet addiction, is likely to cause a shadow to their psychology, affect their later life development.

Internet addiction is

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