Ali 1688 search has been on line test only for the station search

October 14th, Alibaba relevant responsible person said, 1688 search has been on the line test, currently only shows the station search results. The source also said that before the launch of 1688, Alibaba has begun testing the search for research and development, but less attention to the outside world.

it is understood that the search site is slightly different from the 1688 home search, there are products, companies, information, business by the 4 categories.

October 13th, DoNews users reflect, Alibaba 1688 search has been on-line. The afternoon of October 13th, Alibaba responded on its official micro-blog, Alibaba said 1688 search is still in the testing phase, "the walls have ears, on the Internet is not, this is not, we are still testing, outside already know."


days before Alibaba and launch Microsoft search engine "clean", now in the public beta stage. A little earlier, Alibaba acquired part of the shares of Sohu’s search engine Sogou, Sohu CTO Wang Xiaochuan has revealed that Sohu is to provide a search for a search technology matters relating to negotiations with Alibaba.

insiders believe that Alibaba 1688 search the next step and do not rule out the use of Taobao search of "Amoy" the same search mode, the future strategic layout of the double search engine + Microsoft Sogou, Baidu to reach the purpose of flow diversion. (end)


Alibaba 1688 search


Alibaba 1688 home search


Alibaba official micro-blog

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