Ya Tang Yang build furniture electricity supplier ecosystem

Yang Dingping’s entrepreneurial road quite legendary. 2003, Yang Dingping accidentally to a Chinese classical furniture company. Steadfast, can bear hardships his sales performance is good, and soon earned the first pot of gold of life "". He rented 2000 square meters of space, opened his own furniture store. Yang Dingping has a keen insight and deep thinking about things. From salesman to store owner, in addition to his work, he often stopped to think about the problem of the industry.

I found that the furniture industry is very opaque." He said that the furniture sector in particular in the field of circulation, each link to extract profits, the price is high up. While the factory can not earn much money, on the other side of the consumer to buy expensive." After the delivery of a commodity, the middle of the Brand Company, agents, stores or stores, each link should be extracted from the income, the price of the hands of consumers has turned several times. This does not conform to the law of the Internet era vertical consumption.

this business model will change sooner or later." When the wave of the Internet has emerged, Yang Dingping thought, why not the electronic commerce to sell furniture? Because the market there is no furniture business tycoon, he only like other companies, Taobao, Jingdong choose such a comprehensive online shopping platform.

2013, Yang Dingping set up its own electricity supplier brand Ya hall, determined to do the most professional Chinese furniture electricity supplier. Have their own raw materials, processing and electricity supplier, furniture sold to the hands of consumers, the price can be reduced by 70%." He said.

electricity supplier is not enough. Ya Tang brand coverage of a wide range, from factory production to online sales, and then to logistics and distribution, forming a complete industrial chain. From the earliest only their own brand of furniture, and now hundreds of brands settled, Ya hall by a furniture electricity supplier, and gradually transformed into a business platform. Just two years, Ya Tang like a mighty storm so far has been in the country to attack cities and capture territories, more than and 60 city opened 100 line store experience. Experience of furniture business model innovation Museum combining this online and offline furniture business platform, on the basis of faiths, effectively solve two pain points problems — "consumers buy furniture industry to see, touch, and furniture industry logistics related to the" last mile "problem.

Yang, Ya Tang spent two years to go step by step to today, every day in their business model for inspection and rectification. Now Ya Tang is the perfect combination of supply chain finance and B2C. There is no support of the church Ya Ya, Ya Tang everything is not established. Ya Tang financial was founded in June 2012, is a professional investment management institution with roots in the furniture industry chain as the core, is "Internet plus" model of the practitioner and leader, to the electricity supplier of furniture as the core to build the furniture industry chain business layout. Its main business includes: four, the electricity supplier of furniture brand – Ya Tang Ya Tang; focus on furniture electricity supplier supply chain finance platform – Ya Tang finance; professional technology platform system – Ya Tang financial information technology support; furniture production brand – Sheng Shihong ya. Ya Tang Jin

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