Some constructive ideas about the operation of B2C online store

this article on the operation of the ShangCheng Railway Station B2C need to pay attention to several key points, the basic theme is around the site UEO (that is, the user experience Optimization), we hope to inspire.

1: first, you need to locate the mall to sell what products

products for local or national, but no matter where, the product must be profiteering, start from an early age, remember: small areas, big market.

2: website art is very important

when the user enters your website, to give the user first impression is that you stand this formal atmosphere, let the user’s eye is very comfortable, very important, color collocation can learn KFC or McDonald’s food industry is big, the main color of Kentucky is red, because red in psychology is a symbol of desire that can cause people’s appetite, similarly, online shopping is to allow customers to buy things, so you can use the color psychology, with the appropriate color to attract customers to buy, when necessary, also do some false information, stick to their point station, such as what the media support what.

3: do the most suitable for sales psychology navigation

navigation location is the most important place in the mall site, so take this position by the good, taboo write useless, we used this position to induce users to click into this position, must spend some thought.

4: Mall to be creative, to stand out

this is a detail problem, in fact it is difficult to say ZhengZhan creative, not simple, we might be able to do a very creative website logo, to attract the attention of users.

5: to attract users to see something useful

mall what is a useful thing on the site banner things must attract attention, as well as discount information, promotions, etc..

6: product picture must be clear and beautiful

mall B2C, what users to view the goods?. Right, is the picture, the picture directly affects the user feedback on the effect of the product, store sales, so, I must use the most sophisticated techniques to take the time to deal with pictures of goods, which is a necessary condition for


7: what do you need to do regular


was the first to let others think that you are formal, you must take the work done, the website details must be in your brain repeated back address, 400 free calls, there are a lot of, customer service, customer service service, there are many


8: after the release of goods, self evaluation

uses a variety of nicknames to evaluate their goods, their own transaction items, etc.

9: continue to seriously deal with each release of goods


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