Adsense network broadcast Chinese bitcoin suffered shock regulation Hunan TV counterattack website

1 bitcoin suffered shock regulatory collapse of China is approaching  

no regulatory agencies, did not see the red head document issued, a bank clerk notification cancel the account, the bank credit channel to stop, which is currently China bitcoin trading platform facing regulatory dilemma.

"we want to be regulated, but there is no regulatory authority to contact us. In April 28th we received a call from China Merchants Bank Account Manager, we went to China Merchants Bank branches close, this is." China’s largest bitcoin trading platform bitcoin China CEO Li Qiyuan said.

2 tourism integration Ctrip: M & A where to invest in the difficulty of eLong  

Ctrip and where to negotiate the merger has recently been deadlocked. News from the investment circle, said Ctrip has tried another industry consolidation path, after the strategic investment with the way network, eLong has entered the list of Ctrip investment.

no one doubts, Ctrip and where to join forces will rule China’s online travel market, but for various reasons lead to the difficulty of cooperation between the two sides. Cause: the negotiations ran aground due to the control of the management team for the two; there is a big difference in the rate of economic growth, layout, business models and other aspects of the development direction, it is difficult to find both the transaction price and the solutions are acceptable; in addition, the two once merged, how to achieve complementary business, play integration effect is the problem.

3 Ali communication open number 170 appointment: each person can choose 4 no roaming fee  

May 10th news, Ali communications section 170 Pro Card officially open appointment. The user can through the event page ( free reservation number. Appointment of successful users, in June, the official launch of the purchase of this number.

Ali communications first open reservation number, is the standard for China Unicom’s WCDMA No. 1709 section, support China Unicom 3G and 2G network, in the number of users need to have an appointment Taobao account.

According to the introduction of

SIM card, there are three specifications: 25× 15 mm standard card (kcal), suitable for most mobile phone; calories while embedded 12× 15 mm; MicroSIM card for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, Samsung and other mobile phone; the smallest NANO card, support iphone5, iPhone5s. When you just need to choose the card number, pro card when the official sale, will prompt the user to choose different types of cards based on different phones.

4.58 City magic can continue

58 city, one is called magic >

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