The profit model of infant website

a, conventional media profit model

with the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet as a media is equivalent to or higher than the conventional media, such as television, radio and other media publications, and the amount of information is the network media more. First of all, from the analysis of television, radio and publications in the 3 profit model.

(1) TV

1 with the development of diversified TV, profit model has changed from a single advertising model began to diversify, it is undeniable that now television television media most still rely on advertising revenue. That is to say the commercials at the beginning of the program, the middle and the end, the audience is forced passive business information.

2 TV media diversified transformation, makes the TV part of the income from the telephone, SMS interactive China Telecom and China Unicom cooperation, like TV programs and activities in the quiz, voting and so on, is a way to earn a curiosity and interest in investment, the profitability of this model with the development of the telecommunications industry has been, most of the audience to accept.

3 part of the income from the sponsorship, such as organizing large-scale activities, the title of the singing contest and so on, the transformation is a kind of advertising profit.

4 is also the sale of copyright, such as TV programs, TV series recorded into the CD, and then sell the way earnings. There is a brand program corresponding to the magazine, through the television media publicity, the promotion of his profit magazine, making television media to other media development.

5 now there was a kind of special profit model, which is on the subsidiary profit, such as Hunan satellite TV, he has his own entertainment company, responsible for packaging artists, artists release album or artist Peng Hong at the sale, artist, a change in marketing mode is the media.

6 with the development of Internet, television began online media profits, in addition to their use of television media customers groups also began to vigorously promote the network, the network marketing, such as the spread of online TV, online e-commerce.

(two) broadcast

The spread of the

1 media itself has some limitations, that is to say, his only way of sound transmission is a limitation on his earnings. But with the rapid development of broadcasting, they are also looking for different precise users to change their profit model. Their profits began to advertise, that is, in the form of voice advertising to profit.

2 gradually with the development of the entertainment and film television, broadcast began to increase their profits, they began to work with television, entertainment, promotion, publicity, artists began online VOD business, open free online advisory telephone >

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