Taishan Medical University to create a business incubator center

industries have set off a wave of innovation ability, this innovative business boom also swept to the field of medicine, the Taishan Medical University established Innovation Incubation Center for students, give students entrepreneurial seed build shelter greenhouse.

11 11, the Thai medical college students on behalf of the entrepreneurial team on behalf of the innovation and entrepreneurship incubator center signed a settlement agreement with the Thai medical university students, which also marks the official opening of the center for innovation and entrepreneurship incubator medical students of the University of medicine in.

12 entrepreneurial team

center will also give full play to the role of innovation and entrepreneurship practice platform, and actively guide the team settled entrepreneurial practice, relying on the national, provincial and municipal levels and other types of business competition and training activities to provide practical training platform for the team settled. For particularly good entrepreneurial intentions and project ideas, the center will actively coordinate the settlement of social investment, financial support and other start-up funds to intervene, accelerate the docking of the project and funding to promote and accelerate the incubation process.

to realize national innovation across the field, will be incorporated into the development of innovative medicine career track, with the business incubator helps students, the first step to start the project started as soon as possible and take formal business.

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