What support to join the Western steak

There is a very characteristic of the project is the Western Cowboy

typical representative, on behalf of the group of Western cultural elements, the industry has such a brand, the catering industry did not have the steak Western inferior brand.

hunger breeds discontentment, food consumption with the change of consumption world without end, and Western-style food popular in the China market, there are broad prospects. The steak will not only allow consumers to enjoy authentic Western-style food delicacy, but also to experience a different kind of western style, popular market unpopular! Western steaks attract many franchisees attention, become a very popular franchise brand, so Western steak fee how much?

how much does it cost to join West steak? What support? See the following details:

West steak join fee is as follows:

first tier cities: 700 thousand

second tier cities: 500 thousand

three line city: 300 thousand

West steak affiliate support:

1, district protection support

strictly determine the business district and regional protection policies for the franchisee to build sufficient space for development, to protect the interests of the union to discuss.

2, site support

headquarters marketing department actively cooperate with franchisees to choose the shop, and make a comprehensive evaluation on the franchisee, reduce investment risk.

3, one-stop opening


headquarters stores opening a one-stop shop, including decoration, goods distribution. For the franchisee to save a lot of tedious work, regardless of whether or not to join the experience you have become a real expert

4, the system, the standard restaurant counseling

headquarters will be sent to various departments of full-time staff, not regularly to the store inspection, guidance, maintenance of brand image, to solve the problems encountered in the operation. Improve the staff’s professional knowledge, marketing skills, service awareness, etc., to further enhance the store turnover.

5, employee education and continuous training support

headquarters is responsible for the training of the staff in the various positions of the franchisee, and plans to carry out professional training and post education.

6, promotional support


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