2016 national two sessions Xi Jinping the army should attach importance to the strategic frontier te

two sessions for the development of China’s various issues have been discussed for the comprehensive development of China’s efforts. On the 13 day of this month, President Xi Jinping stressed on the two countries in the two countries, the military should attach importance to the strategic frontier technology, specifically to speak let us look at it together, let us look at the 2016!

13 day, Sunday. In the morning, Xi attended the Third Plenary Session of the four session of the National People’s Congress, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate work report and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate work report. In the afternoon, Xi attended the plenary meeting of the PLA delegation. Among them, in the afternoon, the first time to explain the total system of military innovation ideas.

Xi always attached great importance to the "five development concept" and "innovation" is the development of the concept of the five first. Previously, the team combed Xi Jinping’s five ways of thinking, the same, innovative thinking in the first place. In a word, Xi always attaches great importance to innovation, and innovation.

Xi stressed that innovation is the first power to lead the development and implementation of innovation driven development strategy is the urgent requirement of the development of our country, must be placed in a prominent position. "The first power", "urgent need", "prominent position" – these three words, further highlights the "innovation" in the minds of the total weight. And put it in the construction of our army, national defense and military construction in the field of innovation in what position? How to innovate?

This is the

A, in our military construction, innovation in what position?

1, an army’s core competitiveness

2, a key to determine the future of our army

putting innovation in an important position in the construction of our overall development, rely on reform and innovation to promote the national defense and army building to achieve a new leap forward, is a key to decide the destiny of our army.   two, our army building, how to innovate?

two, stressed that the 5 "catch"

Xi stressed that we must carry out innovation driven development strategy, adhere to the standard combat air force, under the grasp of theoretical innovation, grasp scientific and technological innovation, scientific management, grasping grasping talent, grasping the practice innovation, to promote breakthroughs and promote all-round innovation, and constantly create a new situation in a strong army army.

1, grasping theoretical innovation

2, grasping scientific and technological innovation

my army must attach great importance to the development of strategic frontier technology, to form a unique advantage in some important fields.


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