Chongqing property market to remind 6 kinds of wrong view of the house beware of pit miserable

a lot of people in the time to buy a house, regardless of the "37 twenty-one" anyway, experts say I can buy to buy, anyway, there are now around the house prices rose, the house is always able to earn a little. The following Xiaobian for some wrong ideas, summarized as follows.

superstition advertising slogan

many people get access to the purchase of housing information channels, from the development of a variety of advertising. Everyone knows the real estate advertising, is the developer hired writers concocted good wishes, this desire can not be achieved, the most important is that depends on the strength of the developers and conscience.

solution: to go to the scene to investigate, visit, analyze, find a reliable professional advice, find the old owners to understand the real situation.

passive real

a lot of people (603883, shares) after seeing the house up, feel to work hard for many years as well as fry a suite of hands to earn much, so could not join the real team. But real estate is a very professional live, accidentally quilt. Because the house tax procedures are complex, diverse, long cycle, with adjustment, or your eyes are not allowed, you will be very difficult to sell, finally only passive "real property into the landlord". The pressure of the funds spent time, affected the work, finally mentally and physically exhausted, The loss outweighs the gain.

solution: do not have the Duanchao psychology, there must be a long-term investment mentality. If you want to participate in real estate investment, you can choose to participate in real estate finance club, so that professionals to help you make money, return is relatively stable. If you want to do, it is necessary to investigate and understand the multi study, do their homework on their own funds to have a minimum of more than 2 years of planning arrangements, that is, within the next 2 years will not be worried about the issue of off.

scientific experts and scholars

each of the so-called experts, all of its remarks must have its roots behind. As long as we take a closer look at the environment where the experts are, we know who he is talking to. You want to pay the real estate experts and scholars to speak for the people, do you think there will be such a good thing in the world? In fact, many so-called experts, many even their own sales process have experienced no, don’t know the real situation of the first line, may live in the country or the real estate business to house, they know what the ordinary people difficult!

solution: ordinary people on this issue must be clear, do not have no practical experience of experts and scholars (from a certain extent, it’s better to listen to a reliable and experienced front-line real estate intermediary staff.). He can only as one of the macroeconomic indicators.

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