Cigarette retail households do a good job of security work can be made from what aspects

by the end of the year, the major retail stores are in a rush to sell, but it’s also a time of rampant theft. Recently, burglaries occurred in Chunhua County of Shaanxi Province, a cigarette retailers stolen cigarettes a total of 156, involving China, Yuxi, Nanjing, Su smoke, Furong Wang, Baisha, Hongta hill, a 11 grade specifications, the loss of nearly 30 thousand yuan. The case is under investigation.

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, cigarette sales into the season. At this time of the year, it is also a high incidence period of cigarette theft cases". To this end, the author remind cigarette retailers: in season management, must establish a sense of security, always do not forget your busy thousand, safety, theft, "Beware of switch events, to ensure that the" security guard store for a minute, sixty seconds, do not let their own interests by any loss.

one to guard the shop. According to police officers, most of the theft occurred at night. At present, the retail cigarette stocks are generally large, less one hundred, more than a thousand, the value of thousands, can be described as the most valuable commodity store. If the lack of security awareness, will bring an opportunity to criminals burglary. First, close the doors and windows. The night shop, a good habit of oppression locked doors and windows, do not think that people in the shop, not thieves burglary. This is the first pass.

secondly, with smoke. If the business premises, warehouse distance bedroom far, will be transferred to the cigarette supply bedroom, easy care; again, to keep the shop at night not to sleep too dead especially in the wee hours of the morning, to be vigilant during inspections, to ensure the safety of cigarette. In addition, the day Shou shop can not let down, in some markets, some shopkeepers home for lunch, although no shop, locked the door, but also unlock burglary theft. Therefore, beware of Thieves "time difference", a loophole, take advantage of a weak point.

two to install monitoring. High tech security. At present, with the popularization of computer, video surveillance in public places is no longer the "pet", but also into the thousands of shops, the majority of businesses become safe operation of "electronic eyes" and "firewall". Conditional retailer, in the civil air defense based on the need to strengthen safety awareness, make a little investment, best to install video surveillance in the business place. To do so, can effectively prevent and deter thieves. Once the store theft, cigarette package, can also provide strong evidence for the public security organs for investigation of cases. It should be noted that the installation of video surveillance, it is necessary to open 24 hours, to ensure that the shop monitoring all-weather, no blind section.

three to buy safe. The safe is not only the "fortress" for storing money, but also the safe harbor for the storage of high-grade goods". Nowadays, in shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, cigarette and liquor vendor, place of business value higher than gold and silver jewelry and luxury goods and. In order to store safety, as the owner of a shop, there must be

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