Double star large series of activities in Shanghai

into a major event, favorable factors are indispensable. On entrepreneurship, on behalf of entrepreneurs in addition to hard work, the external entrepreneurial environment is also very important. Premier Li Keqiang proposed management activities, is the most suitable for the most dynamic innovation environment for development of the market to create Chinese.

in innovation and entrepreneurship to create ecological environment, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission decided that municipal incubator, but the determination and the judgment right incubator to the market, accelerate the development of public record space, encourage leading enterprises, investment institutions, investors, social organizations and other social forces to participate in the construction of the incubator. Currently, Shanghai has a total of 71 Business Incubator Park, 149 incubators. More than 90% incubators for social forces.

Science and technology innovation center of Shanghai city

double tells a good story, Chinese show good ideas, "found double star" large series of activities in Shanghai, by the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of education, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of finance, Ministry of human resources and social security, Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of Taxation, recommended

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