Huanghuai University as a national science and technology enterprise incubator

now more and more colleges and universities have become a strong backing for entrepreneurial students, to provide a good platform for college students, recently, Huanghuai University has been identified as a pioneer park, the national science and technology business incubator".

4 on Sept. 9, reporters in Zhumadian city that is located in the city of Huanghuai University students’ innovation and entrepreneurship Park by the Ministry of science and technology as a "National Science and technology business incubator, this is the park following the 2015 awarded the first national public record space" was another national innovation base of the title. It is understood that there are 5 units in the province won this honor, Huanghuai University is the only one in our province.

the park self identified as science and technology business incubator has concentrated play area advantage, and actively create innovation, agglomeration, service, to support the small and medium enterprise incubator and strengthen the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training as the goal, to the advantage of talents in Colleges and universities scientific research as the basis, to innovative talents cultivation and SME incubation as the focus, and actively create technological innovation incubator ecosystem, improve the incubation chain, promote scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises take the road of innovation and development, boost local economic transformation and upgrading.


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