Chicken shop earn money

now open a shop investors no matter what, certainly will be considering such an opportunity in a market in the end what kind, can create more wealth for operators, nature is the question of making money. Then, chicken shop to make money?

The chicken shop project

all over the high streets and back lanes so hot? Is it a good project? Chicken shop to make money? Can I make money now? Li said that last year, he found the door opened a chicken shop, "often long queues outside the shop, very good business".

so, Mike also ready to find a place to open a such chicken shop. "I did not find a good place, I found the streets are full of chicken shops. Are selling the same thing, the door is not the same brand, no business started as hot as."

"now I can not join the chicken shop? Chicken shop to make money?" He has been hesitant, afraid of this chicken shop would have disappeared like a tea shop, Dalang Clay oven rolls.

with the entrepreneur’s question, the reporter helped the market survey.

: once the popular "chicken shop"

According to reporter Li

business advice, visit the Zhengzhou streets, found in some school street near schools, the existence of chicken shops "get together" situation.

traffic from the road to the university road that Ru he road, there are three or four chicken shop." The entrepreneur Li said, but now business or careless, or leave the closed shop.

The boss Zhao

had chicken shop said: "last year when business is booming, the competition between the chicken shop is relatively small, each store business is very good, but this year as people slowly lose freshness, the store business is gradually fades."

reasons: a large number of shop competition

makes the excessive expansion of chicken shop tourists is greatly diverted; "the taste" fatigue, makes the decrease of total tourists. A series of problems that most chicken shop into a recession.

in fact, this phenomenon is not only in Zhengzhou, many domestic city also appeared in the chicken closed shop tide.

threshold low, shop to think twice

"chicken shop less cost, a store as long as 10 square meters will open up. There is no technical difficulty, there is no threshold, do join, ingredients, raw materials headquarters sent to you, you can come back a deep fried." An industry source said.

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