Honghu city women’s Federation to carry out innovative rural women’s action Taobao project

with female self-consciousness awakening and improve the level of education, women in the cause of the vision is increasingly open, followed by female entrepreneurs in the field continue to expand, more and more women entrepreneurs involved, create their own businesses.

to actively explore the "Internet plus" mode, the Honghu municipal government and the Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Honghu city women’s Federation to seize this opportunity, actively lead the social practice of women’s entrepreneurship innovation, extensive entrepreneurial innovation of women’s action to promote the rural Alibaba Taobao project, encourage the majority of women to join the rural Taobao partner. Currently, there have been nearly 40 women nominated for rural Taobao project.

Honghu "Internet plus" mode, is the effective way to widen the majority of women entrepreneurs get rich, grass-roots women’s organizations take a variety of forms to the majority of women at all levels of employment policy seriously study and fully understand the significance of "public entrepreneurship, innovation", a profound impact, grasp the market information and network of women entrepreneurs the excitation of women’s entrepreneurship and innovation potential.

The organic combination of

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