Seven in what conditions to join Wang pasta noodles

pasta types have their own characteristics, what beyond count, Sichuan noodles, Chongqing small noodles, what the Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef. So many dishes Sliced noodles has been one of the popular favorite pasta, its taste and smooth, flexible strength, has a broad mass base in China, with carry forward the Chinese food culture and eating habits between different nations and regions are shrinking, Sliced noodles more popular.

seven has a new face Wang artificial Sliced noodles machine, has the advantages of simple operation, automatic intelligent operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance, easy to attract customers and other advantages, is a major breakthrough in the application of artificial intelligence technology in food industry. A dough cutting machine is so smart, what is it conditions to join


The conditions for joining surface

seven has what king of pasta?

1, love the catering industry, seven in the face of King brand identity, love Shanxi mianshi;

2, with a focus on the cause of the dedication of food and beverage industry;

3, shown on the seven surface in the king’s corporate culture, the pursuit of the design concept, the brand reached a high degree of consensus;

4, in order to ensure the product quality in the face of the king seven, accept the characteristics of raw materials by the headquarters unified distribution;

5, with an ideal business site (area of not less than 120 square meters), a flat layer of

is preferred;

6, join the cost of a total of several million yuan (one-time payment of product quality margin 20 thousand yuan, after 3 years of annual trademark usage fee of 20 thousand).


seven king has numerous customer, seven face Wang stores, it is a living sign! What do not yell, naturally attracted many consumers. Want to make money entrepreneurs act quickly!

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