What do you think of the wild man of entrepreneurs

now choose to start a lot of friends, but success does not favor everyone. Is to become a MVP as a good entrepreneur a few days ago, there has to be a way, with vision, as the last, not interpretation, to say a few more words.

as the" lean financing get 10 million start-up capital of the entrepreneur, is typical of the lack of wild entrepreneurs. The characteristics of this kind of entrepreneurs is everything to Zhou Zheng, the three years after the events are thought of, but forget the enterprises can walk for three years. This entrepreneurial way like software development in Paul Graham’s "Ave Maria model", three years after a closed door, like the virgin Maria debut, coming, wearing rings, foot, the auspicious clouds cheered, but the classical way certainly can not adapt to the changing environment they change rapidly, finally ushered in the not is cheering, but teasing and ridicule.

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